Save our Playgroup!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, even if you’re not directly affected, I really do appreciate every single signature that we receive!

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Our Story

St. Anne’s Playgroup was founded more than 5 years ago, operating from a local church hall (St. Anne’s Church) in the centre of Leicester. Ofsted registered, the preschool provision is for ages 2-5 years, following the EYFS Framework by providing a caring, safe and stimulating environment, whilst preparing children for school. St. Anne’s is ran by Louise, previously a childminder, who also provides training and support to childcare apprentices across Leicester.

Our mission is to ensure every unique child’s voice is heard through play and development in a safe and secure environment.” – St. Anne’s Playgroup’s Mission Statement


The Petition

In recent weeks, the parish within St. Anne’s Church have made the decision to terminate the contract between the two parties, with effect from December this year. This means that many parents will be without childcare and staff without jobs, just in time for Christmas.

The reason behind the contract being terminated, is at no fault of St. Anne’s Playgroup. They have been put in a very difficult position by the parish, who are now requesting more than double the amount of rental charges, whilst reducing the hours for which the playgroup hires the hall.

This petition is simply to gather signatures to put forward to the Diocese of Leicester churches, to show support to the playgroup and the families affected.





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